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Anti-social behaviour warning: press release

09 May 2014

Changes to Housing Bill would lead to antisocial behaviour, warns industry body.

The Council of Letting Agents (CLA) and the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) have warned that Scottish Labour’s proposed amendments to the Housing Bill would reduce the number of properties available to rent and lead to a rise in antisocial behaviour in Scotland’s communities.

The proposed amendments to introduce rent controls and give tenants over three years security of tenure would over-burden the private rental sector, warns John Blackwood, chief executive of SAL: “In a time of increasing costs and regulation on the letting industry there is no evidence that rent controls are desirable nor necessary.

“There is little evidence to support claims that tenants are being unfairly evicted – nearly 90% of tenancies are ended by tenants themselves."

The Council of Letting Agents' (CLA) convenor Kathleen Gell commented: “Of particular concern in relation to security of tenure is the impact on communities suffering antisocial behaviour caused by private tenants. There is insufficient protection for communities as landlords do not have enough rights to evict tenants on antisocial behaviour grounds. It is unacceptable for neighbours suffering antisocial behaviour to have to wait over three years before landlords can lawfully evict tenants.

“The proposals announced today will only serve to drive landlords and letting agents out of the market and restrict future investment and lending; at a time when there is a greater need than ever for new housing stock to be brought into the sector.”

For more information contact the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) office on 0131 564 0100.


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